Capstone Project

What is a Capstone Project?

Got no clue what a Capstone Project is? Fear no more!

Got no clue what a Capstone Project is? Below is the remedy for your confusion.

A Capstone Project is a time-consuming two-semester process in which students need to perform an independent research on a question or problem they have chosen to research about with the help of a faculty mentor. It is similar to a college thesis, however, taking a wide variety of forms, but most researchers are long-term in nature. For example, students may choose to select a topic, profession or social problems which would interest them, then they would conduct a research. Later keeping the documents collected in a final product, create a form of presentation both visual and oral. Capstone projects are designed to encourage students to think critically, solve the challenging problem and develop skills such as communication, public speaking, research skills, media literacy etc.

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Order Now and prepare yourself for your A grade capstone project!