Dissertation Topic: Advertising

Dissertation Topic: Advertising

November 15, 2015 Sample Dissertation Slider 0
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Advertising is one of the utmost favorite forms of interaction with the audience for many businesses. Advertising gives out messages to the general public and also those who live abroad. It is used in many ways such as for promoting a product, service, event, public message etc.  Advertisements are all around us, from billboards to the vast internet we are bombarded by advertisement every day.


An advertisement will mostly tell you something informative about a certain product, or an important fact about something. Not only that people use advertisements to influence us and manipulate us in many ways both good and bad. You may be told a one sided opinion about a certain product, for example, XYZ powder cannot compare to the cheap and better version powder of company ABC, or that you would go thin if you eat the certain product, or buy a certain equipment and what not.

How is this done?

Businesses mostly try to use attractive and innovative tactics to sell off their products through advertisements. A specific group is targeted and then the advertisement is made accordingly. The increasing effect of advertisement has grown to such an extent that we have a separate department just to come up with brilliant ideas to obtain the audience attention easily.

Slogans and symbols are used to captivate people’s attentions and influence them effectively. A slogan is a word or a short phrase which describes something or sum up something. For example, Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It”, McDonald’s is “I’m Lovin’ It” etc. If the slogan is good, it will be remembered and always be connected with the product no matter what. Whereas, a symbol is when the success of the product heavily depends on the symbol attached to the product, take Apple’s half eaten apple as an example to illustrate a successful symbol.

Businesses as mentioned before sell goods, services and themselves. How do they sell themselves? A business may want the people to know that they are reliable or whether they wish to show that they operate worldwide, they look after the staff and much more. These kinds of advertisements are designed to increase the good will of the organization.

On the other hand, the government can use advertisement for political and public health care reasons. You may have witnessed political parties advertise during the election seasons. They try to influence the people into voting for them, and thinking that they can make a change. Governments may produce messages about public health and safety. Such as an advertisement to wear helmets while riding a bike, or smoking causes cancer and other major issues which lurk in the nation and can damage the living environment.