Research Paper: Retrospective Cohort study design

Name 2 study designs that can be used to study this question. (2 marks) Case-Control Study Cohort Study (d) Give the specific name of the study design used in this paper, sketch the diagram of the study design and state two advantages of this design. (6 marks) The study design used in this paper is…
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Economic Interest Theory

Economic Interest Group Theory Economic interest group theory suggests and reflects that in the industry there are few clusters made in order to serve specific economic interest of that group. These are numerous groups and they are in the state of conflict with one another. These groups vestibule government in terms of making the regulation…
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Research Paper: Rate of patient satisfaction after anesthesia

In a study of 10811 patients conducted in an adult tertiary care hospital in Australia, it was found that the rate of patient satisfaction after anesthesia was high and up to 96.8% of the patients interviewed were found to be adequately satisfied (Myles, Williams, Hendrata, H.Anderson, & Weeks, 2000).

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Research Paper: The symptoms of pertussis

The changing trends in the incidence of pertussis have important implications for the recognition and control of the spread of this disease. Firstly, adolescents and adults may present with atypical symptoms and thus, may remain undiagnosed (Alexander, et al., 2008). Secondly, these infected adults, in particular, the healthcare workers, are a potential source for the…
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Research Paper: Fertility and fibroids – The double-edged sword

Fibroids and the choice of treatment for them play a dual role with regard to the concerns regarding fertility. Firstly, fibroids are more common in nulliparous women. Most fibroids come into notice when fertility issues arise and patients undergo an evaluation to determine the cause of infertility or subfertility.

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Research Paper: Fabry’s Disease

Fabry’s Disease, one of the lysosomal storage disorders belonging to the wide spectrum of inborn errors of metabolism, was first described in 1898 (Zarate & Hopkin, 2008). Till date, up to 60 lysosomal storage diseases have been defined, all of which manifest in different ways as a result of an accumulation of substrates due to…
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Research Paper: Management of Tibial Shaft fractures

Treatment of tibial shaft fractures is aimed at the achievement of the rapid union of the two ends, which are aligned properly in both the axial and rotational plain while ensuring the maintenance of the initial pre-fracture limb length (Fortis, Dimas and Lamprakis 941). Over the years, several methods have been devised for the management…
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The Media Characteristics Perspective

The Media Characteristics Perspective is the most prominent of the three perspectives considered in this study and has generated the most empirical research. According to this perspective individuals evaluate the characteristics of the medium and its communication capabilities to determine whether the communication medium will be appropriate for the activity to be performed. For effective…
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How to write for coursework?

Working on a coursework is no piece of cake, especially when you have a deadline to meet. This article will help you get an A grade in your coursework assignment. is an international firm which provides academic services to students worldwide. You can order custom coursework from us at an affordable price. However, if…
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Custom Term Paper: Autobiographical elements in Frankenstein

Autobiographical elements in Frankenstein Frankenstein’s writer Mary Shelley’s personal life was quite tragic and many modern critics majorly the ones who are feminist discuss Frankenstein in regards to the chronic elements of reproduction and death. Each element in the story is extracted from Mary’s life, elements such as the motherless child, the father rejecting the…
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