Research Paper: Retrospective Cohort study design

Name 2 study designs that can be used to study this question. (2 marks) Case-Control Study Cohort Study (d) Give the specific name of the study design used in this paper, sketch the diagram of the study design and state two advantages of this design. (6 marks) The study design used in this paper is…
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Research Paper: Fabry’s Disease

Fabry’s Disease, one of the lysosomal storage disorders belonging to the wide spectrum of inborn errors of metabolism, was first described in 1898 (Zarate & Hopkin, 2008). Till date, up to 60 lysosomal storage diseases have been defined, all of which manifest in different ways as a result of an accumulation of substrates due to…
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Research Paper: Fertility and fibroids – The double-edged sword

Fibroids and the choice of treatment for them play a dual role with regard to the concerns regarding fertility. Firstly, fibroids are more common in nulliparous women. Most fibroids come into notice when fertility issues arise and patients undergo an evaluation to determine the cause of infertility or subfertility.

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Research Paper: The symptoms of pertussis

The changing trends in the incidence of pertussis have important implications for the recognition and control of the spread of this disease. Firstly, adolescents and adults may present with atypical symptoms and thus, may remain undiagnosed (Alexander, et al., 2008). Secondly, these infected adults, in particular, the healthcare workers, are a potential source for the…
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Research Paper: Migraine headaches

(16  pts) What were the variables that were used to answer the research question?  How were they measured?  What did the authors offer to convince you that their measures were reliable and valid? The dependant variable for this study was migraine headaches. The independent variables were trait anger and its various contextual subcomponents. In order…
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Mistakes to avoid while writing a dissertation

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Germain Pilon French Renaissance sculptor

Germain Pilon is one of the best French Renaissance sculptors who excelled as a medalist and portrait sculptor. He formed different types of sculptures including bronze, marble, terracotta, and wood. He was influenced by the Fontainebleau School in France, Italian Renaissance Sculpture and 16th century Italian Mannerism. He is considered as the most important French…
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Donatello the Florentine artist

Donatello started off his journey by getting trained in crafting metal into jewelry as a goldsmith before joining the studio of the quattrocento sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378-1455) He helped him complete many statues before starting off as a solo artist. Between 1415 and 1426, he created five statues for Campanile of Santa Maria del Fiore…
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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

What is the Corporate social responsibility (CSR)? There used to be a time when product mattered the most than the materials or ingredients used in them. People were not aware of the side effects or some unwanted ingredients used in the products. As technology and social media have advanced rapidly, people are becoming more clever…
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Review: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel written by Ray Bradbury published in 1953. This novel is known as one of Ray Bradbury’s best works. The novel’s plot consists of a future American society where books are illegal and “firemen burn” any books which are discovered. The title derives from the auto-ignition point or kindling point…
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