Experiment as a special type of research

We have come to more precisely formulate the requirements that an experiment must meet as a special type of research procedure. The experiment is considered to be an ideal scientific method, since it presupposes strict control over all conditions of the experiment. This is most easily done in a specially equipped laboratory. A natural experiment is more difficult to conduct, and…
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Economic Interest Theory

Economic Interest Group Theory Economic interest group theory suggests and reflects that in the industry there are few clusters made in order to serve specific economic interest of that group. These are numerous groups and they are in the state of conflict with one another. These groups vestibule government in terms of making the regulation…
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Definition and Examples of Humorous Essays

Humorous Essays A humorous essay is most commonly viewed as a type of familiar or personal essay that has the key aim of amusing readers rather than informing or persuading them. It is also known as a comic essay or light essay. Humour is a common phenomenon, which plays an important role in many aspects…
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Research Paper: The symptoms of pertussis

The changing trends in the incidence of pertussis have important implications for the recognition and control of the spread of this disease. Firstly, adolescents and adults may present with atypical symptoms and thus, may remain undiagnosed (Alexander, et al., 2008). Secondly, these infected adults, in particular, the healthcare workers, are a potential source for the…
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Research Paper: Retrospective Cohort study design

Name 2 study designs that can be used to study this question. (2 marks) Case-Control Study Cohort Study (d) Give the specific name of the study design used in this paper, sketch the diagram of the study design and state two advantages of this design. (6 marks) The study design used in this paper is…
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Research Paper: Transmission of Bordetella pertussis

Healthcare workers (HCWs) are at high risk for acquisition and/or transmission of Bordetella pertussis since exposure of health care workers involved in the care of children with pertussis to the organism is inevitable. (12) Symptoms of early pertussis (catarrhal phase) are indistinguishable from other respiratory infections and conditions.

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Programs for helping women offenders

Programs for helping women offenders must support women in relationships, providing them with good role models and teachers and protectors, helping them work through their problems with sexual abuse and the distress in their lives, providing them with the job training and education they need to find productive work, and helping them gain increased feelings…
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Promoting Good health activities

Health Promotion means much more than effective health care. It is meant to call the attention of policy makers to be familiar with the health consequences of the decisions that they make and to carry out their responsibilities for the promotion of health. Health promotion policies should include distinct and balanced methods which must include…
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Reason To Change Your Car From Gas To Electric

The cost of petroleum gas is getting so high and what normal individuals can do is to change to electric auto to minimize the utilization of petroleum items. Because of high demand, oil organizations can without much of a stretch vote to increase the costs of their petroleum items. Individuals must choose the option to…
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How To Manage Your First Outing On Track?

One of the best things any Car-lover can do in their lives is to take their pride and delight out on the track! We as a whole realize that, when driving on open streets, we should hold fast as far as possible and laws.

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