Crime And Punishment

Crime And Punishment

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Crime and Punishment


Crime has increased over the years in many countries at a staggering rate. Many people blame poverty to be the cause for such acts. Crime is not performed by individuals who are bad, rather they are either good or bad; these acts are done when a person faces a certain circumstance or state of mind etc.

Deviance is any behavior or style which goes against the norms of a society. Whereas, those people who are consistent with norms are the ones who are showing conformity.  Through agencies of socialization we are taught different ways we have to act within the society, the rules, norms, and behavior which we all need to conform to. Any sign of deviance is not appreciated and are restricted by punishments.


Punishments are necessary so that the people do not perform such act again. Punishment varies on different levels in different countries. Punishment can either be formal or informal. Formal sanctions include retributive in which the person pays for his/her crimes and are isolated from the society. The second is a deterrent and then reformative in which the society gives the criminal a second chance.  In Saudi Arab, an act of stealing leads to a severe punishment, in which the individual involved has his/her hands cut off.9835_Capture

Moreover, Functionalists believe that the society as a whole is incomplete consensus; there is no such thing as conflicts available. People who are identified as criminals are either rehabilitated so they can once again fit with conformity within the society, without being an evident threat, or kept in the prison, or are sentenced to death and exile. Deviant acts create a chaos within the environment causing many people to suffer in the end. Usage of drugs, performing adultery and other crimes will all be regarded as deviant behavior in most of the societies. Anyone can become deviant we can never blame that one group is much more deviant than the other, rather instead of pointing the groups out, we must help them understand that the path they have chosen is not at all pleasant.

Criminals can be anyone male or female we do not have the accurate statistics available in this case. There are two types of crime white collar which are performed by the educated class and blue collar which is committed by manual workers. Syndicated crime is organized and on a large scale, whereas, victim-less crime is activities such as drug abuse and prostitution in which the victim could be self or no one.