Definition and Examples of Humorous Essays

Definition and Examples of Humorous Essays

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Humorous Essays

A humorous essay is most commonly viewed as a type of familiar or personal essay that has the key aim of amusing readers rather than informing or persuading them. It is also known as a comic essay or light essay. Humour is a common phenomenon, which plays an important role in many aspects of our daily lives.

Over thousands of years humour has been extensively studied in many fields, such as psychology, physiology and philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. Until recent times, it has been studied within the scope of linguistics. The English term “humour” derived from the Latin word for “liquid”, “fluid” or “moisture”. As time went by, the word humour lost its original meaning and came to be used in its present sense. As to the definition of humour, no agreement has been reached yet. Most commonly humour essay rely on narration and description as dominant rhetorical and organizational strategies.

Humour is something that is funny, comical, or amusing. There are many types of humour, and what appears humorous to one person may not be humorous to another. Humour can be found in movies and books, in jokes, and in everyday situations of life. Humour can also describe a mood or a state of mind, as when saying that a person is in a state of good humour. Because laughter is good for us, humour can play an important role in our health.

On the one hand, when the information is not as informative as is required, the sense of humor can be felt. For example, “That is not my dog”

An old lady was strolling through the park when she saw Jamie with a dog.

“Does your dog bite?” she asked.

“NO.” said Jamie.

When the lady tried to pet the dog, it almost bit her finger off. I thought you said “your dog does not bite!” screamed the old lady with blood dripping from her hand.

“That is right,” answered Jamie, “my dog does not bite -but that is not my dog.”