Farewell Euthanasia, hello palliative care.

Farewell Euthanasia, hello palliative care.

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Euthanasia is one of the most controversial methods used by mankind on themselves and animals. It is a practice of ending life in order to relieve the person of pain and suffering. Some portray it as the devil’s advocate while others identify it as a pain killer.QUXiDmjHTaZJcOfXC1QA_63578572_euthanasia_image1

Euthanasia is now less practiced ever since a sucker punch against the so-called “parasite” has been developed. Palliative care is used as a farewell note against euthanasia; this method is performed by skillful, well- trained staff to assist patients, along with their kin and kith in order to try to control their physical, psychological, existential, social and spiritual suffering. In extreme cases, palliative sedation is used. It can be applicable early in the route of illness, with other therapies that are anticipated to extend life, for example, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It is legal and it works effectively. The Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) defines palliative care as “An approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illnesses through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other, physical, psycho-social and spiritual problems”.

Additionally, the primary goal of palliative care is to make patients and their kin and kith understand that death is inevitable. It seeks to provide relief from pain and any uncomfortable symptoms witnessed during the procedure. Palliative care tries to help the patient live their remaining time as actively as possible. As well as helping their family to deal with the illness of their loved ones. In this process, the individual is to be treated as a person rather than a patient having his/her last days.

Unlike euthanasia, palliative care does not let an individual die hopelessly; rather this treatment tries to boost up their confidence and expectation. Euthanasia demonstrates death as the only choice left to act upon when an individual cannot cope up with the grave illness and pain. Many have termed this as a mercy killing, as an act against nature. We all have the right to live, be it humans or animals, taking a life away is inhumane whether voluntary or involuntary. Whereas, palliative care does not encourage a person to die nor does it leave an individual to die without any care or treatment. A bereavement counseling is carried out which includes the patient and their family; this way they would be prepared for the upcoming circumstances. Say farewell to the ongoing sinister methods, and say hello to the new positive method palliative care!

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