Impact of Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement

Impact of Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement

April 29, 2019 Sample Dissertation 0

It seems that everyone will agree on the importance of the participation of parents (SD) in the education of children. Two-way communication between the family and the school is necessary both for the school (teachers become more aware of the needs of the child and can rely on help parents), and for the parents themselves (being more aware of the activities of the child in school, parents are more involved in the education of their children, which is also good for learning and developing the individuality of the child). However, a large number of parents and teachers are faced with a situation when they need timely contact with each other, but due to various circumstances this contact is difficult.

In pedagogy, calls for parents to participate in the education of their children and slogans about its importance has already become a cliché. Indeed, the school and family are not isolated from each other friend; they share the responsibility for education and the preparation of schoolchildren to adulthood.

As a result, both parents and teachers want their school years children were not wasted, because the academic preparedness of schoolchildren is an important factor in their success in the future. If the school district, school or teacher carefully plan the content and design of their sites, their sites are capable of Involve parents and involve them in communication with the school.

Just like the traditional methods for establishing direct contact between family and school, electronic technologies there are specific shortcomings and dignities that consider. It is important to understand that the main goal is to involve parents in the dialogue with the school. Which of the methods will lead to the realization of this goal.