Motivation theory for a hospital environment

Motivation theory for a hospital environment

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Motivation theories are used to help the workforce to work efficiently so that the company prospers.  Hospital staff has to work 24/7 no matter what the situation may be, especially doctors. For them, motivation is crucially needed so that they can work well, without any conflict.

The staff at a hospital can be motivated by implying the theory of Elton Mayo. Mayo states that the workers if provided breaks, and some time to refresh, with a less bossy environment would be motivated. Hospital staffs allegedly do not have to be made aware of the objective they have to keep in mind. Since the main objective of any hospital staff should be to help the people out in any way possible.

Since the employees have to make the decisions immediately, they have to be made aware of their capability so that they do not doubt their ability when needed to take an action. Which means the theory of Maslow can also be implicated. The theory of Maslow comprises of the 5 stages of motivation which each individual needs. It starts from physical needs to self-actualization. The more the physical, financial, social, self-esteem and self-actualization needs are provided; there would be fewer chances of any mishaps to occur during the medical procedures.

The doctors and nurses would be aware of what exactly to do, and immediate decisions would be made without wasting valuable anytime. Furthermore, there would be a Lassie Faire style of leadership dominating the vicinity, which means the employees would b e left to do whatever they think is accurate. However, this style would highly affect the environment both positively and negatively. A hospital environment cannot let its staff completely cares free, there has to be some kind of order because not all staff are like the theory Y staff, suggested by McGregor. (Note: McGregor termed two types of managers, not workers, Theory X and Theory Y)

Whenever we enter a hospital we mostly see that the staffs are organized than being all over the place. The reason for this is the trust which the leaders enforced on the employees, as well as the strict checks. On the other hand, the theory of Herzberg plays a vital role in such an atmosphere. His emphasis on the hygiene factors such as the company’s policy, safety equipment, salary have no effect, but the absence of it does. Since health consideration is widely needed in every hospital the absence of it would demotivate the staff. Motivation depends on the type of environment and staff which is being dealt with.