Product Evaluation Standards for Vacuum Cleaners

Product Evaluation Standards for Vacuum Cleaners

February 2, 2019 Sample Dissertation 0
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Evaluation standards are necessary for the testing and evaluation of the safety and quality standards of a wide variety of products for domestic and commercial use. These products include household equipment such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashing machines, and brooms; baby and toddler products such as toy chests, baby cribs, frame child carriers, pacifiers, and changing tables; kitchen utensils such as pans, ovens, kettles, and steam cookers; and recreational facilities for showering and bathing areas, swimming pools, and soccer goals. These consumer product evaluation standards are helpful in guiding manufacturers of such products in their proper fabrication and assessment procedures for the assurance of their quality.

The product that will be evaluated here is the “vacuum cleaner” a handy and useful item which is used everywhere both in households and in commercial establishments. Most houses have a large amount dust and a good vacuum cleaner, the ideal choice for buying a vacuum cleaner is one which efficiently sucks up dust, pet dander, and tracked-in pollen from bare floors, rugs, and carpeting and prevents trapped particles from escaping back into the air. Both upright and canister vacuum cleaners, tested by the “Good Housekeeping Research Institute” helps in clearing the air. Evaluation is carried out for determining the usefulness and worth of said product using an established set of standards.

Evaluation of products is necessary because it helps the organization making the product to assess any aim, realizable concept/proposal, or any alternative, to help in decision-making; or to ascertain the degree of achievement or value in regard to the aim and objectives and results of any such action that has been completed. And in addition to gaining insight into prior or existing initiatives, is to enable reflection and assist in the identification of future change and improvements.  The main purpose of an evaluation is to characterize and appraise products wisely used by in homes and businesses and which come with different capabilities, operating capacities, and prices.

Evaluation determines the pros and cons of each type and makes of cleaner which includes performance and ease of use. Although different models undergo different types of tests, the vacuum cleaner can be described as man’s second best friend. Evaluation of vacuum cleaners is done by experts who understand perfectly the functions that different vacuum cleaners are made to perform, and they base their evaluations on set criteria which include: How frequently do the premises need cleaning with a vacuum cleaner? Suction power that cleans satisfactory, quantity of air watts required for the best cleaning power, the style that is the best for the type and cleaning needed and other special features required