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Professional, ethical, and legal principles for using modern technology

Patients are better informed now than they were in the past, and they use this new innovative technology to access information via the Internet and also record their own medical procedures including nurses and doctor conversation regarding their treatment plans. This is a cause for concern for nurses, doctors and healthcare providers because usually this conversation is recorded without their being aware of it. This might cause the patient to misinterpret the conversation and adopt a negative attitude.

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Providers must be aware at all times that if they record or photograph a patient’s diagnoses or any medical procedures they could be liable for legal action according to federal regulations. The possibility of facing lawsuits by doctors and nurses could create a situation where these medical professionals might start to practice defensive medicine only. This could possibly create mistrust between patients and physicians which could damage their relationships. That is not in the interest of either the doctors or patients because it can create ill feelings between them. One of the major advantages of Smart-phones is that this can be used with a software application and portable device to obtain an instant EKG on their phone screen.

Mobile apps and tablets are dramatically changing doctors and patients approach to healthcare.  Most of this software and apps are designed exclusively for doctors that include convenient databases about drugs and diseases to complicated monitors that can measure a person’s blood pressure, glucose levels or symptoms of asthma. These only include apps for patients that collect data and synchronize care by giving patients a convenient way for patients to monitor their conditions and treatments. Doctors are of the opinion that most of these apps are practical and functional time savers and have the promise and capability to improve healthcare by speeding up diagnosis, and improving monitoring of patients and reduce visits to hospitals or their doctors.

A Smartphone can be turned into an otoscope which is an instrument that is used by doctors to examine the ear which is made convenient by apps and optical devices which will record of the inside of a child’s ears which can be shown to families to explain their diagnosis. ISCRUB is an app created to control infections because it shows data on whether the hospital staff’s hands have been washed thoroughly and is absolutely clean. One of the major disadvantages of the use of Smart-phones for health care purposes is that they cost a lot to own and operate.

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