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Programs for helping women offenders

Programs for helping women offenders must support women in relationships, providing them with good role models and teachers and protectors, helping them work through their problems with sexual abuse and the distress in their lives, providing them with the job training and education they need to find productive work, and helping them gain increased feelings of self-esteem.  Equality for women does not mean the same programs for men and women. Instead, programs should be tailored to women’s lives and reflect the cultures from which they come.

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The system must also stop processing female offenders in a justice system designed for boys. It would be much better to make programs specifically for females and to meet their needs and requirements. The program should try and prevent delinquency and at the same time help girls already in trouble who are either in prison or undergoing proceedings through the justice system.  Law enforcement agencies and communities must move toward and address female delinquency before it becomes as large a social problem as male delinquency. It has been proved that gender based programming to decrease the incidents of female delinquency, and take care of vital issues related to female delinquency

Gender specific programs are familiar with problems most likely to arise in a gender based program, and the factors incorporated to reduce and make efforts to prevent delinquency. There are several paths that lead to female offenses, such as the street woman is a delinquent who faced severe abuse during childhood, lives on streets and ends up in courts because she is feeding her own drug habit by peddling drugs on the street, prostitution, and theft. Next would the harmed and harming the woman who was also abused both sexually and physically as a child and has become violent through the use of alcohol and other drugs.

She has developed violence as a way or reaction. The battered woman who usually ends up in prison and the courts when she has physically harmed or killed by a violent man with whom she was in a relationship, or was in the process of ending it. Usually, such women have not committed a crime before and probably has never been to court before. Then we have the drug connected woman who uses or sell drugs because of her relationship with some male and helps him in peddling the drugs so that she can afford her own drug habit. She too may not have a previous criminal record. Then they are girls who commit economic crimes either because of poverty or due to excessive greed.