Promoting Good health activities

Promoting Good health activities

November 14, 2019 Sample Dissertation 0
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Health Promotion means much more than effective health care. It is meant to call the attention of policy makers to be familiar with the health consequences of the decisions that they make and to carry out their responsibilities for the promotion of health. Health promotion policies should include distinct and balanced methods which must include laws, monetary policies, taxation, and organizational changes.  All measures must lead to ensuring safer and healthier products and services including cleaner and more enjoyable environments. This requires identifying hurdles for adopting healthy policies in non-health sectors and measure for removing them.

The basic guiding principles for communities are for encouraging mutual preservation and safeguarding which envisages taking care of each other and the protection and management resources must be emphasized as a collective responsibility.  The continuously changing patterns of life like, work and leisure are very important for health, and society must be organized to remain healthy and health promotion must create living and working conditions that are secure, motivating, inspiring, satisfactory and pleasurable. This needs a methodical evaluation of the effects that the rapidly changing pattern has on health – specifically in areas relating to technology, work, producing energy and urbanization.  The actions taken for the promotion of health must pay special consideration to health promotion strategies

The promotion of health is more effective when it is supported by communities in establishing priorities, decision making, planning and implementing strategies for better health conditions. This envisages the empowerment of communities and giving them proprietary rights for their activities and responsibilities for achieving best health practices. These objectives can be achieved by utilizing human and material resources within the community for promoting self-help and social support including accommodating and adaptable systems for encouraging participating in health matters.  This needs access to relevant information, learning opportunities in health matters and adequate financial resources.

The community must develop the required personal skills for development through obtaining education for health promotion. This multiplies the options available to the community for exercising more control over their own health issues and also over their environments, enabling them to avail the best options for ensuring their health. People must always be prepared for coping with sickness and injuries throughout their lives. This means providing the required information/literature in schools, homes, work places and community centers. These activities must be carried out through educational, professional, commercial and voluntary bodies in the communal institutions.