Research Methodology

Research Methodology

May 30, 2019 Sample Dissertation 0

The methodology is a logical organization of human activity consisting in determining the purpose and subject of research, approaches and guidelines in its conduct, the choice of means and methods that determine the best result. Any human activity is characterized by methodology. But in research, methodology plays a crucial role in success.

Purpose of the research

The purpose of the research is to find the most effective options for the structure of the management system and to organize its functioning and development. But this is a general idea of ​​the goal. In reality, the study has many objectives, for example, monitoring the quality of management. the formation of an atmosphere of creativity and innovation management system, timely recognition of problems, the aggravation of which in the future can complicate the work, improve the skills of management personnel, evaluate strategies, etc. The objectives of the study can be current and prospective, general and detailed, permanent and episodic.

Methodology of any research

The methodology of any research begins with the selection, formulation and formulation of its purpose. The object of the study is the control system. But in the methodological sense it is very important to understand and take into account the class of this system. It belongs to the class of socio – economic systems. And this means that its basic element is a person, human activity determines the characteristics of all the processes of its functioning and development. The connections through which this system exists characterize complex and contradictory relationships between people based on their interests, values, motives and attitudes.

No matter how perfect modern technical means, their role depends on human interests, motives for use and development. The management system is built on human activities. You can explore technology, but you cannot investigate it in isolation from the person and all the factors of its use in his activities.

The subject of the study is the problem. 

The problem is a real contradiction that requires its solution. The functioning of the management system is characterized by a variety of problems that act as a contradiction of management strategy and tactics, market conditions and firm capabilities, staff qualifications and innovation needs, etc. Research is needed to address these problems, some of which are “perpetual”, others transitory or ripening.