Research Paper: Fertility and fibroids – The double-edged sword

Research Paper: Fertility and fibroids – The double-edged sword

September 27, 2019 Sample Dissertation 0

Fibroids and the choice of treatment for them play a dual role with regard to the concerns regarding fertility. Firstly, fibroids are more common in nulliparous women. Most fibroids come into notice when fertility issues arise and patients undergo an evaluation to determine the cause of infertility or subfertility.

Secondly, the desire for pregnancy and wish to preserve fertility significantly influence a patient’s choice of treatment for fibroids. Fertility problems are one of the most important concerns in today’s society and bring along with them significant physical and mental distress for the couples. Moreover, they are also important from the economic and financial perspective due to the significant costs of diagnosis and treatment associated with them.

Studies have shown that in all, up to 10-15% of couples suffer from problems with fertility (Somigliana, Vercellini, Daguati, Pasin, Giorgi, & P.G. Crosignani1, 2007). Fibroids have been shown to be associated with infertility in around 5-10% of the women and have been implicated as the sole cause of infertility in 2-3% 0f women (Mukhopadhaya, Asante, & Manyonda, 2007).

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