Research Paper: Migraine headaches

Research Paper: Migraine headaches

October 1, 2018 Sample Dissertation 0

(16  pts) What were the variables that were used to answer the research question?  How were they measured?  What did the authors offer to convince you that their measures were reliable and valid?

The dependant variable for this study was migraine headaches. The independent variables were trait anger and its various contextual subcomponents. In order to assess and classify headaches in patients, a questionnaire was employed. This questionnaire was based on the ‘International

Headache Society criteria for a common and classic migraine headache’ (Silberstein, Lipton, & Goadsby, 1998), which is an internationally used, prevalidated tool for the classification of headaches.

The authors used the sixth revision of the Anger Disorder Scale (ADS-VI-R) which was developed by DiGuiseppe and Tafrate as the tool to assess the anger trait. This scale has been shown to assess anger as a multidimensional trait and comprises of a 74 item questionnaire which assess the various aspects of trait anger (DiGuiseppe & Tafrate, n.d.). It also utilizes 13 subscale scores which include assessment of traits including ‘anger-in, physiological arousal, physical aggression, verbal aggression, rumination, poor self-control, coercion, duration of anger as a problem, episode length, scope of anger, hurt/social rejection, resentment, and suspiciousness’ (DiGuiseppe & Tafrate, n.d., p. 6). This tool is a recognized and validated instrument which was designed in order to assess anger in a holistic manner by looking at its various aspects and recognizing it as a mental health problem with can manifest itself in varying degrees and thus needs to be addressed accordingly.

In order to ensure the validity and reliability of their findings, the authors first checked the internal consistency of the instrument that was used to assess anger, using the Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient and the results revealed that the instrument was internally consistent and could thus be used without giving rise to any errors.

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