Research Paper: Retrospective Cohort study design

Research Paper: Retrospective Cohort study design

November 11, 2018 Sample Dissertation 0

Name 2 study designs that can be used to study this question. (2 marks)

  • Case-Control Study
  • Cohort Study

(d) Give the specific name of the study design used in this paper, sketch the diagram of the study design and state two advantages of this design. (6 marks)

The study design used in this paper is Retrospective Cohort study design. This involves using a large group (cohort) of the population at risk and then comparing the differences in exposures and risk factors amongst individuals who develop the disease in questions and those who didn’t.

Cohort study design is a type of observational analytic study which has several advantages. Cohort studies are easier and cheaper to carry out as compared to randomized control trials (1). They are associated with lesser ethical issues as the researchers follow the natural course of disease process with time and are not required to introduce any interventions (1). Moreover, they also help in establishing temporal and causal relationships between the exposures/risk factors and the disease (1).

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