Review: Frankenweenie

Review: Frankenweenie

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Frankenweenie is a 2012 American 3-D stop-motion animation directed by Tim Burton, produced by Tim Burton and Allison Abbate. It is a remake of Burton’s 1984 short film of the same name, based on Mary Shelley’s book of the same name as well. Unlike other modern Disney movies, this movie is in black and white, it is also the fourth stop-motion film produced by Burton and the first of those four which is not musical.


Frankenweenie is a 2012 American 3-D stop-motion animation.

This movie revolves around a young filmmaker and scientist named Victor Frankenstein and his dog Sparky. He lives with Edward and Susan Frankenstein his parents in a quiet town of New Holland. Everyone in his classroom is aware of how intelligent is Victor. He communicates less with Elsa Van Helsing his neighbor, Bob, Toshiaki, Nassor and a girl named Weird Girl, due to his relationship with his dog, Sparky. Victor’s father is concerned about his son’s isolation and tries to encourage him to play baseball and make achievements outside of science. Victor hits a home run in his first game, but Sparky while trying to fetch the ball is struck by a car.

Influenced by his science teacher Mr. Rzykruski’s demonstration of the effect of electricity on dead frogs, he tried to implement the same action on his dog Sparky by bringing it to his makeshift laboratory in the attic. He succeeds in bringing his dog back to life and is reunited with him again. Victor commands Sparky to keep hidden and not utter a sound since he did not want anyone to know about the fact that his dog was alive. Watching Weird Girl’s cat Mr. Whiskers which is alive, Sparky escapes the attic and explores the neighborhood.

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Edgar recognizes that the dog he saw was not the ghost is Sparky, but Sparky rose from the dead. He blackmails Victor to teach him how to raise the dead. The two reanimate the same steps used to give life again to Sparky but this time on a Goldfish. However, during the process, something goes wrong and the goldfish turns invisible. Edgar brags about his alive invisible fish, which makes Toshiaki and Bob a bit concerned about losing the science fair, this is the reason they decide to make a rocket out of soda bottles. During this process, Bob breaks his arm and Mr. Rzykruski is the one to be blamed and fired due to his accused influencing. Therefore, the gym teacher replaces him.

What lies ahead of this epic journey is the death of Frankenweenie, departing from his master for the last time, or would it be the last time for the two duos?