Principles of Nationality

Nationality law is the principle which is applicable in every country and jurisdiction within all countries. These principles characterize the rights and obligation of citizenship within specified jurisdictions according to which citizenship can be acquired or lost. The citizen of any country is regarded as an alien or foreigner when he/she goes to another country. […]

Pro’s and con’s of contract workers

A contract is a written agreement upon terms of engagement between two parties. If you decide to enter a contract, this can be a little difficult unless you possess an adequate understanding of how it works, and what advantages of benefits you can derive or lose from signing a contract. At the outset, it might […]

Promotion of Tourism by International Agencies

The United Nations also advocates the promotion of tourism between countries because that helps to obtain cooperation for international security, social progress and human rights which foster world peace. Peace is necessary to curb terrorist activities, and people are not hostile to other countries when they have traveled and made contacts in other countries. People […]

Professional Care for the Aged

“Aged people” constitute a special sort of population because their medical needs are somewhat different than conventional populations. With the advent of age, the human body undergoes many changes such as slowing down and not working as well as it did in the past. The digestive process is not as active as before and it […]

Privacy is a very important human right

Privacy is the most basic human right and in simple terms is defined as the right to be left alone. Privacy is considered to be a wide-ranging, all-inclusive right and it is the right most valued by people.  A society or community in which there was no privacy would be insufferable, but then again a […]

Principles for Safeguarding Children

Professionals who work for the rights of children, law enforcement agencies and others who are concerned should follow procedures and make it their humanitarian and social duty to report incidences of child abuse to the appropriate agencies Social care workers often approach people living in proximity to a child about whom they have received reports […]

Types of Discrimination

Discrimination is when someone or some people treat an individual differently just because of who they are and their belief. Discrimination can occur in many forms which can be related to a person’s gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, health, social status, education, power or/and appearance.

How to achieve academic success?

Obtaining the crowning academic success is a tough journey for most every student. There are numerous aspects which can divert your attention from the academic path you have chosen. Therefore, acquiring academic success is not as easy as you may think. Many of us do not take education seriously till we reach a certain age […]

Post- Industrial Society

In sociology, the concept of a post-industrial society is when a society’s service sector generates a lot of profit than the secondary sector i.e. the manufacturing sector of the economy. The concept gained a lot of notice with the help of Daniel Bell. It is closely related to other sociological concepts such as post-Fordism, information […]

Giambologna one of the greatest Sculptors

Giambologna or Giovanni Bologna was born in Douai. Since the age of 14, he was trained by Jacques Du Broeucq (1505-84) where he mastered the techniques of modeling, carving and learned the classical style which Broeucq developed after studying Greek sculpture in Rome. Giambologna was influenced by Italian Renaissance sculpture and the 16th-century style of […]