Dystopia- The frightening community

Dystopia – The frightening community or society that is unwanted and feared of.  Dystopia – The frightening community is a Greek word, which means “not good place” when translated. This was a term invented by Sir Thomas More as a title of his most recognized work, “Utopia” in 1516. Utopia is a blueprint for an […]

Banshee the Irish female spirit

Irish Mythology Banshee means a woman of the barrows, is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually identified the omen of death and a messenger from the other world. On the other hand, in legend, she is said to be a fairy who cries when someone is about to die. There has been sighting of […]

Types of Discrimination

Discrimination is when someone or some people treat an individual differently just because of who they are and their belief. Discrimination can occur in many forms which can be related to a person’s gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, health, social status, education, power or/and appearance.

Donald Trump Is ‘Gonna Get Us Killed’ – Michael Moore

Previous President Bush made the preparation Moore notices open in 2004, amid the 9/11 commission’s examination of the assaults — something Trump himself raised on Oct. 20, 2015, amid the second Republican presidential civil argument. Amid a meeting with Fox News Sunday, Trump uncovered that he needn’t bother with every day redesigns about national security, […]

Post- Industrial Society

In sociology, the concept of a post-industrial society is when a society’s service sector generates a lot of profit than the secondary sector i.e. the manufacturing sector of the economy. The concept gained a lot of notice with the help of Daniel Bell. It is closely related to other sociological concepts such as post-Fordism, information […]

Burning books is a waste of history

Books are an essential element in our life, without which we would not have enough knowledge about the realities of this world. However, not many people appreciate the presence of books due to the documentations embedded in them which may not favor them. For example, historical negationism is a practice to erase the authentic historical […]

Pope Gregory I

Saint Gregory the Great has also known as Pope Gregory I and St. Gregory the Dialogist was a pope from 3 September 590 to his death in 604. He is well-known for his writings which were more creative than those of any of his predecessors as popes. Throughout the Middle Age, he was known as […]

Pixar’s attack against the corporate giants

Pixar for many years has produced movies which have hidden meanings engraved within them. Lessons which we can mostly understand as we become wiser is what I believe. Pixar continuous to make movies about families, love, care, life and the world around us, manifested into a story line that is unrealistic yet realistic, at times.

Economic objectives of governments

The state of a country’s economy which includes the rate of economic growth, the rate of price inflation, the unemployment level and the exchange rate contributes tremendously and directly to the success or failure of businesses. For example, if a business starts off expanding before a long economic recession, then the additional cost of borrowing […]